Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Good Audience || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's 11.19pm and I'm listening to Heather Traska One Woman Medley's. You should check her out, she's incredible. 

So, today. A GOOD day. 

Woke up to my alarm (hurray no sleeping through) and got Darcy ready. She takes forever to do what she's meant to but I do love our mornings. We chat in the car on the way to school and it's nice to hear her thoughts and give her a little pep talk. 

Babykins dropped off and I was home and chatting to Marie on skype for an hour. We haven't chatted in a few days because Luca was in hospital (all better now) and so I missed her a lot. It's funny how you can have a best friend on the other side of the planet but still feel so close to them. 

After a bit of housework (my least favourite thing), I hopped in a cab, a train, another cab and I was at the Gleam offices in Shoreditch, London. I love being there. There is always such a buzz in the office and I feel super pumped to do this YouTube thing. 

I had a meeting about my next project that I'm working on and feel reeeeaaalllyyyy excited about it. I want to tell you all about it but I've been shh'd on that one. For now though, just know I've got something up my sleeve and you're gonna like it. Woo!

Another fun thing about the Gleam offices are when other YouTubers pop in. Today Marcus was there and it was so good to see him. We're going to make some videos together soon so if you have any collab requests or ideas, do send them my way please. I'm all ears. He's a good boy. 

The best part of my day was at Waterstones Piccadilly where I hosted a Q&A session to celebrate the launch of my 2016 Diary. The session turned more into a mini LouiseLIVE and I laughed so hard at some points that I thought I would cry. It was such a great event. I really felt like it was a super warm audience and a good crowd. I always enjoy events like this but the audience make all the difference and today they were brilliant. I feel all buzzy and happy from them. Squueeeee. I'm doing signings in Sheffield and Nottingham this week so check out my FB for more details if you're interested. 

In the car on the way home (I wasn't driving) I had the best text chitchats with Matt. I'm so glad that we are building such a nice friendship. It feels nice. 

I got in, heated up some pasta, fed the cats, put PJ's on, caught up on YouTube subscriptions, checked my Just Giving page (can't even talk about how emotional and grateful I feel about that) and here we are. I'm thinking about either having a soothing bath or falling asleep to netflix. I can't decide. 

I realise this blog post is short and sweet for such a huge day but I think this is the best my brain can do right now haha. I'm at home all day tomorrow so I think I might vlog it since lots of you say you prefer the homey videos. Keep your eyes on my Chatter channel tonight because I'm putting a video of my weekend up. Woooo!

I'm tired but happy. Life is being very good to me at the moment. 



Tuesday, 6 October 2015

You Warm My Frazzled Heart || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

(Little Notice - If you are in London today, I will be in Waterstones Piccadilly at 6.30pm giving a talk and Q&A session to celebrate my Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary. Tickets are available HERE and I'd love to see you.) 

"If this were any other day, you'd be a broken woman by now"- Hazel Hayes describing my day haha. 

So things didn't get off to a good start. 

Matt was going to collect Darcy at 7.30am to take her to school. Usually I take her on a Monday but arrangements were shifted about a bit because he had plans the night before and yadda yadda long story short, I slept through my alarm. 7.38am and there he is, knocking on the door whilst Darcy and I are still fast asleep.

Morning panic ensues with me trying to get a sleepy kiddo dressed and ready for school as fast as possible, all whilst Matt is waiting and getting later and later for work. I felt so awful. I think I sent about three different apology messages!

After a rare night of being up and down (Darcy woke up several times wanting a drink or a cuddle or whatever else) I was pooped so decided to go back to sleep for a couple of hours and make the most of my morning off. Nope. The washing-machine-fixing-man arrived at 9am and so he had the lovely sight of me bleary eyed in a dressing gown whilst he fixed the machine and very kindly told me I'm an idiot and all I needed to do was clear out the filter now and then. Who even knew there was a filter to clear?? Not me. 

Just time for a quick wash and face sort and I had two more house related appointments and a bunch of emails under my belt. My Darcy & Me blog post was drafted, I uploaded the Pink Hair Story video, check all my social platforms, sorted out some details for a future video with a clothing company, planned my travel logistics for tomorrow (or your 'today') and it was time to dash out for my nail appointment. An oasis of calm. I do so love Chloe my nail lady. It's an hour just to chitchat about nothingness and fill her in on life bits and hear all of hers and watch my nails be made pretty. Well worth the £20 if you ask me!

Back in the car, a quick stop in Waitrose to pick up some sour cream (and then fifty other things that I didn't really need but hot damn I'll be glad of the 'perfectly ripe' avocados in the morning) and I was back in the car to collect Darcy from school. Never has a woman felt more smug than me when I was 5 minutes early at the school gate. Look at me other Mum's! I've got this school run thing down too!! I also am a together woman who can stand here casually reading the notice board and smiling about nothing! Yes! Here I am! I'm bloody doing it!!! 

Darcy was full to the brim with excitement. There had been a 'fire malarm' and they'd all had to stand outside in their PE kits in the rain. She was soggy and exhilarated. I was sort of pumped for it too. In the car home I was regaled of how the 'malarm' went 'wooowoooowooooowoooowooo' and the 'whoooollleeeeee school even the big girls' stood in the rain outside. Big time drama, big time happies. 

Home and dinner (rice and chili with the sour cream) and cuddles. Darcy requested Home Alone 2 (great taste kiddo, great taste) and we watched it together snuggled up for a solid 23 minutes before her attention wained and she went upstairs to play, 'discos'. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I tinkered about on my video upload and once it was live, stepped away from my laptop and popped across the road to my neighbour's house for a chitchat and to let Darcy run wild with her daughter's. Sometimes just 10 minutes away from a screen or your own house can really lift your mood. I wasn't feeling down but the day was hectic and that was the first time I really let go and breathed.

Home again and by now my ironing had been delivered. OK, let's talk about this. Ironing services. Amazing things. When my washing machine broke last week, I was in a bad place. I'd not kept on top of the laundry, clean garments were low in stock and Darcy was down to her last few pairs of clean knickers. I rang a local laundry service and voila, one night last week a nice lady comes round and takes my crumpled up stuff away. A weekend later and a few pounds down, there it is, in my porch in vacuum packed bags, washed and ironed like some kind of domestic dream. I was utterly thrilled by this whole process. I think even more so than Darcy with the fire 'malarm'. I've promised myself I'm not going to do this again and that now my machine is fixed (and I know about filters), I won't splurge on this luxury but wow, everything was so lovely. I felt so able to live my life knowing my laundry was in ship shape order. Let's see how soon I'm addicted shall we? 

After I'd put it all away, Darcy had FaceTimed her Dad and I'd read 3 bedtime stories and sung a lullaby (Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune counts right?), I popped back downstairs to see how my video was getting on. 

I was blown away by this community's generosity. I've never asked for charity like this so I wasn't sure how it would all go but oh my, it was amazing. My JustGiving page is currently at £7,081.83 of the £10,000 goal and it's only 9.20pm on Monday night as I write this. That's incredible. That will make a difference. I am so proud to be a part of this community and to be constantly shown the amazing hearts that make it up. If you'd like to donate, my page is HERE and the video is HERE

So, yes, Hazel was right. Normally missing my alarm or being a mess in front of the plumber or dashing about like a wild thing (I've had a few private appointments today too which took up time and energy) would frazzle me to tears. I cry very easily. But today, not so much. I feel strong and capable. Maybe that's the magic laundry service, maybe it's how much I loved Darcy's enthusiasm for standing in the rain in her PE kit or, maybe, it's you lot. 

I know we don't speak in the conventional chitchat terms but I always feel you, I always know you're there and I feel so much love that it's hard to quantify it in writing. Sometimes, without even realising it, you do good fuzzy warm heart feels to me. 



Monday, 5 October 2015

Mummy & Darcy Love To Match!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I am LOVING being more involved with my blog this month. I know it's only been a few days but it's reminding me just how much joy I take from tiptapping away on my laptop and pouring my heart out a bit. 

This weekend was so perfect. My friends from London came up and I had Darcy so I decided to treat the city dwellers to fresh country air and good pub food. 

Before we sat down for lunch I let Darcy run about on the village green and since I had extra people, I asked them to take a few snaps for me. I will always take advantage of a free photographer haha! 

I love the way they turned out. I'm definitely that Mama who has no shame in co-ordinating mine and Darcy's outfits so I was more than happy to be a bit matchy on the navy dungaree set and my navy top. 

Moments like these are to be treasured. I love going on huge holiday adventures or having special days out but I really do think these little captured snippets of time are the jewels you remember and cherish. 

Darcy makes me feel lovely inside and out. She's full of energy and smiles and has the sweetest heart so it's a pleasure to be her Mummy and have these pictures on my blog. 

Big thank you to Asda who asked me to show off how Darcy and I like to #LookGeorgeous together. This was such a happy mini project to work on! Asda are actually hosting a competition where you can win a £500 voucher so your whole family can look gorgeous too. All you need to do is post a picture on instagram with the #LookGeorgeous hashtag! More information HERE. Closing date is November 12th. 

I'm making more of an effort to have my proper camera on me so hopefully this Autumn there will be a few more Mummy & Mini photoshoots to share with you, and yes, we'll probably be matching- let's hope she doesn't mind when she's older haha!



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